zsh-abbr is available on Homebrew. Run

brew install olets/tap/zsh-abbr

and follow the post-install instructions logged to the terminal.


You can install zsh-abbr with a zsh plugin manager. Each has their own way of doing things. See your package manager's documentation or the zsh plugin manager plugin installation procedures gist; Fig users can install zsh-abbr from its page in the Fig plugin directory

After adding the plugin to the manager, it will be available in all new terminals. To use it in an already-open terminal, restart zsh in that terminal:

exec zsh


  • Either download the latest release's archive from and expand it (ensures you have the latest official release)
  • or clone a single branch:
    git clone --single-branch --branch <branch> --depth 1
    Replace <branch> with a branch name. Good options are main (for the latest stable release), next (for the latest release, even if it isn't stable).

Then add source path/to/zsh-abbr.zsh to your .zshrc (replace path/to/ with the real path), and restart zsh:

exec zsh